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Zidane!! Ain't he cute!^_^

Name: Kakeru Yuy
Birthdate: 6/25/86
Age: 15...duh
Sex: I think that's pretty obvious
Height: 5'4" I'm not that tall, so what?
Family/Siblings:My parents, two  brothers and an  sister.
Location: New Hampsire
I go to Portsmouth High School...yeah, real interesting huh?

Favorite Animes: Trigun,Gundam Wing,Slayers,Lost Universe,Outlaw Star,Innu Yasha,Fushigi Yuugi,Perfect Blue,Escaflowne,Cowboy Beebop,,Lain,Yami no Matsuei,RayeEarth,Weiss Kurez,Kenshin, X, and others

Favorite Mangas: Blade of the Immortal,X1999,Slayers,Evangelion,Sonic the Hedgehog,Shadow Lady,Trigun,Gundam Wing,Card Captor Sakura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma, Marionette Generation, Short Program,and others.

Favorite Anime Theme: No need for Promises

Other Favorite Anime Guys: Heero Yuy,Van Slanzer De Fanel,Tamahome,Kamui Shirro,Zelgadis Greywords,Kain Blueriver,Kenshin, Brock, Ferio, and others

Anime Girls that I think kick ass!: Rei Ayanami,Lina Inverse,Dorthy Catalonia,Cutey Honey,Hikaru,Fuu,Umi and others.

Favorite Vash Quote: " a word, a pretty fairy."

Favorite Seiyuu and Japanese Singer: Tomokazu Seki

Favorite Anything Else
Color: Black, anything Red or Green and Purple.
Food: Donuts...I'm not kidding,it's a coincidence.
Drink:Dr. Pepper , tea, juice, chocolate milk!
Music: Moffatts,Radiohead,TSAR,RHCP,Coldplay,Incubus,ICP,RHCP,Linkin Park,Bryan Adams,Pusch and others.

Hobbies: Drawing,Writing,Food,Anime&Manga,Video Games,making pages,hockey,hanging out w/ my fellow Otakus,finding new Anime stores,learning about the Japanese Language and Culture,being myself (which is goofy 24-7!)
Season/Time of Year: Summer and Fall

My Image Song: "Just Another Phase" by The Moffatts

Anime Character I'm Most Like: Lina Inverse

And I'd like to give a shout outs to mah Bourbon Buddy Nicky, and my "Mini-ME", you know who you are, LOL. I know you're gonna see this sooner or later!!!!!!

Want to talk to me online? Send me an instant message! My AIM name is: SerialexChild


Kathy, I know you wanna kill me!!!!>:P

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